A hotelier's week with the Triptease Platform

At Triptease, we work with every type of hotel, from small independents to some of the world’s biggest brands. Depending on your role, you might be more interested in hotel revenue, marketing, operations or all of the above. The Triptease Platform provides an effortless experience for everyone on a hotel's team. Our client data shows that a better understanding of how to use the Platform results in increased direct booking revenue. That's why our Direct Booking Coaches provide training and support in all areas from message creation to parity management.

Parity managers

Helping our clients to grow more revenue from direct bookings is one of our primary goals. We find that revenue managers often struggle with identifying the source of undercut rates. That’s why we created our parity monitoring dashboard, which we call the Disparity Dungeon. Here you can access all of the valuable information you need to improve your parity - including a live feed of real price disparities that guest are finding when they search.

How often should I use it?

Our top performing clients use the Disparity Dungeon on a daily basis as their primary tool for monitoring and improving parity. Parity Reports and Surge Alerts are emails that can be set up to help you keep track of rate parity on third-party websites. Parity Reports give you an overview of your current parity status, whereas Surge Alerts will notify you of any unusual spikes in the number of disparities your hotel is experiencing.

What’s the benefit?

We found that hotels with an undercut rate of below 10% are 42% more likely to convert than hotels with an undercut rate of 30-40%. The Disparity Dungeon helped our client Deutsche Hospitality get a 50% reduction in their disparity rate and increase their direct bookings by 61%. You can read a full customer story here.

Marketing managers

To drive more engagement on their websites, our clients target their guests with timely, relevant offers and messages. Our messaging tools empower hoteliers to easily create and update dynamic content on their websites.

How often should I use it?

If you’re new to the Platform, turn on your Notifications and dedicate some time to creating a variety of messages - from Full Screen exit messages to smaller Nudges. You can optimize these further by adding translations to match the languages your website is available in.

Once these messages are live, you can monitor their performance in the Message Manager. If your conversion rate is below 5%, you might want to change the look, timing or content of your message. We recently launched a variant testing feature that helps you test two different versions of a message to see which one performs best. This way, you'll know what type of message or design drives more engagement from your customers.

What’s the benefit?

Personalized messages don't only show off a hotel's benefits for direct bookers. Our data confirmed that they also influence our clients' revenue uplift. For example, New Orleans Hotel Collection drove an incredible $242k of messaging-influenced revenue in just two months, with an uplift of 19% in direct bookings. Read the full customer story here.

The versatility and breadth of messaging available with Triptease means that this feature works for hotels of all sizes.

Front desk teams

Reception and reservations teams are some of the most active users of our Front Desk chat tool. This feature has transformed the way a hotel’s staff engages with potential guests. It allows them to take conversations away from email exchanges and phone calls while still offering best-in-class experience to their customers. It is a faster, more convenient way to communicate with your guests.

How often should I use it?

Most of our Live Chat users are online whenever they are working, using it as their primary method of communication. It is a tool that slots naturally into your team’s daily working life.

What’s the benefit?

Live Chat allows potential guests to get answers faster as well as helping hoteliers to complete bookings with our unique payment detail collection service. Of course, sometimes your staff are offline or too busy to answer all incoming enquiries. That’s when our Automated Assistant can step in to support the team. At Vineyard Hotels, it provides quality responses to guests’ questions 71% of the time, and forwards enquiries to the team when it is unable to answer a guest's question. Read the case study here.

The Automated Assistant can help your hotel staff save time during peak hours and ensures you never miss an enquiry. All while providing a consistently great customer experience!

Whether you’re managing rate parity, creating website messages and promotions or helping your customers to complete their direct bookings, the Triptease Platform provides you with all the tools to excel in your role. No matter what your job is, the platform can fit seamlessly into day-to-day life in any hotel.

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