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Deutsche Hospitality (formerly Steigenberger)

61% average conversion uplift
“The numbers speak for themselves. It was an easy decision to work with Triptease”

New Orleans Hotel Collection

$242k revenue generated in 2 months
”We use Message Porter across five of our hotels. In only 2 months, it has generated $242,000 in revenue!”

Best Western GB

4.8% conversion uplift
”Triptease’s platform is fantastic - and their client service equally so.”

SunStream Hotels & Resorts

$60k saved by reducing undercut rate
”We wouldn't be as successful as we are today without Triptease.”


$187k saved by improving parity
”Triptease helps us connect directly with our visitors."

Meliá Hotels International

Increasing conversion
”We like how Triptease gives our guests confidence in our pricing."

Newmark Hotels, Reserves & Lodges

12% conversion rate uplift in 30 days
”The Triptease team have been brilliant from the first day we were introduced."

PREM Group

18% conversion rate from CTA to booking
”The Triptease Platform has helped to reaffirm our website as the best place to book."

Parker Hotels

$17k average revenue per campaign
”Triptease’s Disparity Dungeon is unique in the industry.”

The Discovery Leisure Company, Inc.

18% performance uplift
”Triptease is a perfect fit."

Centro Hotels

€446k revenue in the first year
”Working with Triptease team is a very easy and pleasant experience!"

Grand Chancellor Hotels

13:1 ROI with Message Porter
”We’re seeing fantastic new advanced features appear in the platform constantly."

Beautiful Bedrooms by Fuller's

957 bookings influenced Jun - Oct 2018
”Triptease is a forward thinking, fast moving company."

Luxury Family Hotels

24% Increase in revenue
“Triptease is perfect for any hotelier keen to connect more closely with guests”

Small Charming Hotels

34% increase in conversion rate
”We’ve seen such amazing results through the Triptease Platform."

Strand Palace

£1M per year revenue saved
”Triptease's platform has brought us closer to our customers"

Pacific Gateway Hotel

55% average conversion uplift
”The platform is already teaching us about what our guests are interested in."

Luna Holiday Complex, Malta

“We knew as soon as we came across Triptease that their aims were exactly aligned with our goals.”

Hotel on Rivington

$50k incremental revenue
”The platform replaced several of the suppliers we were using with one simple integration. "

Vineyard Hotels

12.5% decrease in undercut rate
”Triptease has changed the game for us"

Elevation Hotel & Spa

$85k from Message Porter
”Triptease really helps us to maximise our revenue during peak months."

Hôtel le Crystal

14% revenue uplift from Message Porter
”I could see that Triptease's platform was more complete, and more user-friendly too."

Trust International

12% Increase in conversions
“These test results paint a clear picture of the role of trust in customers' decisions.”