Learn from industry-leading conversion insights

Online behaviour is constantly evolving - make sure your website stays up to date. Learn from every interaction, campaign, and every hotel in the Triptease community to understand guest behaviour and drive direct bookings.

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Understand and monitor your parity

A quick view dashboard helps you understand how frequently you were undercut, and which OTAs are undercutting you. Hotel groups can view a property parity breakdown too.

Learn from industry benchmarking

Our machine-learning algorithm is tracking conversions across 17,000 hotel websites - and counting - to constantly improve messaging.

Benchmark yourself against peers and identify specific areas in which your website can improve.

Evaluate your campaign success

Understand customer behavior on your website, track opportunities to improve their experience and watch your ROI grow.

Learn how different types of guests behave online and suit your messaging to each.

Conversion Data Analysis

We have a team of data scientists using the latest technologies to uncover unique conversion optimisation insights.

Follow our advice to boost your conversion rates.

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